Nimble Content Welcomes Director, Melanie Chung

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Nimble Content is thrilled to welcome Melanie Chung to their director roster. Melanie creates lush and cinematic stories combining impeccable art direction, rich characters and nuanced performances that resonate long after the film has ended. She is listed on Free The Bid – an initiative guaranteeing women directors an equal opportunity to bid on commercial jobs in the advertising world. Check out her reel at

HF: Tell us about your views on commercial filmmaking and the types of projects you want to direct?

MC: I’m drawn to all sorts of creative, from stories that feel authentic and thoughtful, real and human, to the visceral and visual. I like to explore different facets of the human experience, specifically how we communicate in the unspoken: through a glance, or a touch. I look for those seemingly small gestures that happen in a fracture of a second but hold so much weight. What’s exciting about commercials is that there are so many stories to tell, and the format is perfect for isolating stories down to those subtle details. I look to create an emotional tone of what feels like that moment before you exhale – that punctuation just before breath leaves the body. There’s a heaviness and relief all in that one held moment. There’s a duelling force there, a juxtaposition of what we see on the surface versus what is felt internally. With every project I take on, I try to seek out these moments, as we make an emotional connection with that subtlety whether we’re conscious of it or not.

HF: How does that approach adapt to the world of online content?

MC: We’re in a time where the evolution of content is super exciting, with no set format, length or even execution. That opens the doors to how we tell stories, and the potential for experimentation and creativity is on a new horizon. With that said, I’d love to try my hand at projects that have an interactive or immersive element such as VR, as well as projects that push creative visuals like Terence Neale’s Adidas spot Original is Never Finished – – it’s a blend of avant-garde visuals with a street vibe and I love how Neale uses juxtaposition in unexpected ways. I’d also love to do projects that make a bold and authentic statement like Nike’s “Dream Crazy.” There’s an emotional resonance when Colin Kaepernick says, “believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything.” I’d love to work on a project like this because at the end of the day, you want to create work that matters and has a positive impact.