Greg Brunkalla shoots The Avalanches – Because I’m Me

Greg Brunkalla has just completed a cool new video for The Avalanches – Because I’m Me. Shot at the Fordham Subway Station in The Bronx over 8 hours one night; Brunkalla’s team built the subway booth and the giant inflatable heart. The incredible film quality is the result of several things – DOP Max Goldman shooting on an Alexa using vintage anamorphic…

Ryan Gibb Shoots ‘Expanded Roster’ for Bud and Anomaly

Budweiser and Anomaly brought in Holiday Films/Nimble Content director, Ryan Gibb to help amp up the fans and rally the Blue Jays for a run at the playoffs. Using a small crew, Gibb shot passionate fans putting on their game gear as if the entire country was now on the Blue Jays expanded roster. Now…

Lena Beug Would Like You to Meet Emma

Lena Beug crafts a new comedy spot for eBay via Digitas and Station Film. Meet Emma – there’s more to Emma than you may think, more green, more style, more everything. She finds her ‘more’ on eBay.

SHOTS Director Profile: Pep Bosch

Beneath Pep Bosch’s charming, self-effacing exterior is a fierce dedication to his work and a determination to make us see the world according to his delightfully askew vision.