Melanie Chung Directs Heartwarming Story for BC Children’s Hospital

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Melanie Chung’s first project since joining the Nimble Content roster is a heartwarming spot for the BC Children’s Hospital. Will Creative in Vancouver wrote Help Kids Get Back to Being Kids, the story of a young girl planning a surprise gift to cheer up her older brother who is in the hospital. Melanie takes great care to ensure the viewer sees the story through the girl’s POV “I saw this spot as a film about kids trying to stay kids in a very adult situation” says Chung. “I wanted the viewer to feel immersed in the girl’s world by keeping the camera low or angled upwards to mimic her point of view. This film is about her strength and her will, and that desire to hold onto the innocence of childhood is indicative of strength and will. So, with that in mind, I wanted to feel her excitement when she sees snow, hunts for the cooler and gazes out the car window – all things that feel very earnest and innocent.” Melanie strikes the right tone as we watch this determined young girl putting her plan in action. “Melanie goes above and beyond in her preparation before the shoot and it was a very positive creative collaboration with the team at Will” says Nimble Content Exec Producer, Andrew Lynch. “She knows how to get exactly what she wants. It’s inspiring to see that confidence in a young director and the Will team were very supportive of her vision”. ‘Snowball’ is a co-production of Holiday Films and Nimble Content. “The BC Children’s Hospital is such a worthy cause for us to create work for and it was such a pleasure to support Melanie on this project” says Holiday Films’ Exec Producer, Josefina Nadurata. “It fits in perfectly with our recent Holiday for Good initiative where we try to take on projects that can benefit from a community perspective and help empower purposeful and thoughtful giving. And we believe strongly in supporting talented up and coming female directors like Melanie.

Melanie Chung creates lush and cinematic stories combining impeccable art direction, rich characters and nuanced performances that resonate long after the film has ended. She is listed on Free The Bid – an Initiative guaranteeing women directors an equal opportunity to bid on commercial jobs in the advertising world. Check out her reel at

Director: Melanie Chung
Client: BC Children’s Hospital
Agency: Will Creative Inc.
Creative Director – Lisa Lebedovich
Associate Creative Director – Rory O’Sullivan
Senior Copywriter – Katie Holmes
Agency Producer – Ann Rubenstein
Production Company – Nimble Content/Holiday Films
Executive Producers – Andrew Lynch, Josefina Nadurata
Line Producer – Kyle Welton
DOP: Cole Graham
Music: Wave Productions
Composer: Ashford/Simpson

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William F. White International Inc.
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