Brian Lee Hughes

Brian Lee Hughes was born in Hawaii July 19th, 1969, the day before we landed on the Moon, to an Australian Mother and a Texan Father. A peripatetic life resulted in his residing in Hawaii, Houston, Jakarta, Austin, Australia, Chicago, Kansas, New York City, Mexico City, Tokyo, Boston, London, Copenhagen, San Francisco, Toronto, Vancouver, and his current home of Los Angeles. He speaks English, Spanish, Italian, Danish and serviceable Swedish, Norwegian, German, French and Japanese.

After graduating from the University of Texas, he started his career as an advertising agency creative. First, at Kirshenbaum Bond + Partners (NYC), then Fallon Berlin (NYC + Mexico City + Tokyo), then Mother (London), and MTV (NYC), then Modernista (Boston), and finally, TBWAChiatDay (San Francisco, Los Angeles). His career as a creative was highlighted in 2004 when Boards Magazine listed him as the #1 Art Director in the World.

In 2000, Mr. Hughes formed Public Production as a home for his non-advertising projects. Through Public Production, he has designed numerous books, including the award winning, and New York Times best-selling book, Taxi Driver Wisdom (Chronicle Books), which is now in it’s fifteenth printing. Other projects include multiple collaborations and contributions with the Faile Art Collective which, in turn, led to his assisting in the launch of the V1 Gallery in Copenhagen in 2002. While living in Denmark, he also assisted Lars Von Trier with the launching of Lars’ commercial production company Zentropa Commerzials. He also headed the relaunch of the Danish production company Blarke Sonne Levering (BSL), and assisted in the launching of Molotov Films.

Early film projects began with his video for the Icelandic band Mum that was featured in numerous film festivals including Resfest in 2003. His first documentary project, ‘Rock Star Scars’, was also screened globally through Resfest (2004) and was eventually optioned by MTV. This relationship with MTV led to numerous promo collaborations, including the relaunch of MTV2 via multiple artistic exercises. His short film ‘Lavender Or Danish Skater Perfect Fantasy Death’ was simultaneously commissioned by the Faile Art Collective, and by the Danish skate team Streetmachine. It was recently added to the Jack Spade Collection of films. A long form live documentary DVD/LP for the band Thee Oh Sees titled Thee Hounds Of Foggy Notion is treasured in the underground. His band based artistic cinematic explorations continued with videos for Thee Oh Sees “Meat Step Lively” ( and Ty Segall’s “Where Your Head Goes” ( and Girls “Laura” (, and Here Comes The Here Comes cover of Velvet Underground’s “I’ll Be Your Mirror” ( and Fronds “Crush” ( All are worth a visit if you like music and hate boredom and budgets.

This hopelessly dedicated dedication to desperately personal music-based side-projects led to his founding of the record label Castle Face Records ( with his partners John Dwyer of Thee Oh Sees and Matt Jones. So far, Castle Face Records has served as the safe haven for Thee Oh Sees and they’ve collectively released over 70 records so far for other like-minded and steadfastly independent bands like Ty Segall and White Fence and etcetera. While Castle Face Records succeeded beyond all expectations in defining the SF Lo-Fi Garage Rock rebirth, his new label Do Not Disturb Records (www.donotdisturbrecords) looks after the decidedly more hopeless genre of “Make Out Music For Weirdos”.

BLH is an avid supporter of the arts and dedicates a good part of his time celebrating artists. He’s an art collector and the founder of The Cisca Collection, which houses over 300 pieces. He brought this celebration of artists to life in 2014 by co-founding the launch of the TOP40 underground arty party phenomenon in Los Angeles, which featured and celebrated 40 different artists over 40 nights. His foray into the art world is now highlighted by his co-Founding, with Alberto Cuadros, the gallery/artist residency experiment SADE LA (WWW.S-A-D-E.LA) in 2014.

Currently, Brian Lee Hughes is a director and a partner at the US based production company Skunk Films (, and is represented globally by ICONOCLAST (, except for in Canada, where he is represented by Holiday Films ( He has been featured in Shoot Magazine’s director’s issue, and Boards Magazine included him in their “Top 5 One’s To Watch” list as well. Over the years, he has won a confoundingly unstackable stack of oddly shaped awards. He also advises, collaborators and incubates other emerging director’s. He is proud to have been involved as an Executive Producer for Ada Bligaard Søby’s film “Funeral In Berlin” which had a good run at global festivals, and Joey Izzo’s short film “My Daughter’s Boyfriend” which made the festival round in 2015. More on this to come.