Marc Scholermann shines at the German Art Director’s Club Awards

Marc Scholermann has been the go-to director for Audi for a while now. Marc’s latest spot ‘Rodeo’, recently took home gold for cinematography and editing, silver for direction, and bronze for sound design/music at the Art Director’s Club Awards in Germany. This makes Marc the most awarded Director and Cinematographer in Germany this year. Congrats Marc. If…

Humour meets High Fashion in this short film for Harper’s Bazaar and Chanel by Lena Beug

Lena Beug just directed and stylish and very fun short film for Harper’s Bazaar and Chanel that is Adweek’s Ad of the Day. Humour meets high fashion in this classic tale of two modern girls, unrequited love and one beautiful Chanel handbag. Production is out of Station Film.

Ryan Gibb takes you on a Dream Ride

Jaw-dropping cinematic photography, epic locations, stellar riding; Ryan Gibb directs Dream Ride. This short film was created as a product launch video for Diamondback’s LevelLink suspension platform. Take 5 minutes to enjoy this gorgeous short film. Dream Ride was named a Staff Pick on Vimeo.  

Janek Lowe shoots RBC150 series for RBC and Grip Limited

Canada’s top junior hockey players star in this latest round of RBC 150 videos created for RBC and Grip. Holiday Films/Nimble Content director, Janek Lowe was brought back to film Anthony Cirelli, Julian Gauthier, Michael McLeod, Pierre-Luc Dubois, and Thomas Chabot all giving back to their local communities, each in their own unique way.

Bob Rice directs #Pizzabump for Grip and Pizza Hut

“A little bundle of joy”. Bob Rice directs Pizzabump for Pizza Hut’s New Triple Treat Box. You can feel the pride and see their glow in this gut-busting new online campaign from Grip. The campaign is being promoted on social media with the hashtag #pizzabump.

Matthew Bissonnette Shoots ‘Made in Canada’ for So Fresh and 123 West

123W & their client So Fresh wanted to tell people their delicious almond milk is made for Canadians. Holiday Films/Nimble Content director; Matthew Bissonnette (Canadian, but LA based) was tapped to show how Southern California almond growers have taken this Canadianness to heart…in a big way. Looks like So Fresh Almond Milk is as Canadian as…

Greg Brunkalla shoots The Avalanches – Because I’m Me

Greg Brunkalla has just completed a cool new video for The Avalanches – Because I’m Me. Shot at the Fordham Subway Station in The Bronx over 8 hours one night; Brunkalla’s team built the subway booth and the giant inflatable heart. The incredible film quality is the result of several things – DOP Max Goldman shooting on an Alexa using vintage anamorphic…

Ryan Gibb Shoots ‘Expanded Roster’ for Bud and Anomaly

Budweiser and Anomaly brought in Holiday Films/Nimble Content director, Ryan Gibb to help amp up the fans and rally the Blue Jays for a run at the playoffs. Using a small crew, Gibb shot passionate fans putting on their game gear as if the entire country was now on the Blue Jays expanded roster. Now…