About Holiday

We are looking for partners in production. Agencies and clients who embrace our core values – relentless creative passion, integrity, partnership, inclusiveness, and realizing the potential in every project creatively and financially.

Never before has our industry required such collaboration to create great work. Nor has there ever been a time that the success of creative will be judged so critically for its effectiveness. Add the budget pressure, pile on the challenges of a global pandemic on production process and it becomes clear we need to bring intelligence, teamwork, and creativity to the table, to be successful.

We represent a diversified roster of creative, passionate and forward-thinking directors whose work we admire. We hand pick fresh image-makers for their intelligence, unique creative storytelling vision, and collaborative spirit.

As Executive producers we are hands on and transparent from start to finish. Our producers are hand picked to match the scale and challenges of each job no matter what size of project. We’re also part of the HUG network. This gives you the option to combine production, post and stills on your project to simplify process and boost value.

We’re up for working together to achieve outstanding creative results in the most collaborative, efficient, and safest way possible. 

If this makes sense to you, please reach out. 

We’re ready to dig in.